Towels and aprons are important resources in the restaurant, bar, and café scene. They can also be used in gyms, salons, auto facilities, or the hospitality industry. Having clean products every day is essential to running a successful and clean business. Grizzly Mats will ensure you have clean towels and aprons every single week.

How the Service Works

1. Delivery of Clean Towels & Aprons

Your driver will deliver clean towels and aprons to your facility.

2. Dirty Products Pick up

We will pick up all your dirty products from that week.

3. Grizzly Mats Will Clean Dirty Products

We take your dirty products back to our plant to be cleaned and prepared for the next week!


Save Money

No more having to buy new towels when they wear out! Save on your water and electric bill.

Save Time

Let us handle the laundry while you focus on running your business.

High Quality

All our products are made in the USA. Our towels are highly absorbent and our aprons are comfortable.

If you have your own towels, aprons, or anything else that needs laundering, feel free to give us a call. With our machinery, we can launder almost anything!

Interested in Grizzly’s Towel/Apron Services?

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