Air Fresheners

Keep your facility and restrooms smelling fresh with Grizzly Air Freshener & Odor Services!

According to a recent survey, 60% of consumers said they would not return to a business establishment if they found the facility to have a poor odor and another 80% said they would not return to a business establishment if the restrooms had a bad smell. Your scent is a part of your brand and your customers/employees deserve to have fresh air when in your facility.

Eco Clip 2.0 Guava Pineapple Air Freshener
Wave 3D Cucumber Melon Air Freshener

Air Freshener Dispensers Available In White & Black Colors

Eco Air 2.0 in Dispenser Air Freshener

Grizzly’s Air Freshener Service:

  1. Let us install, maintain, and refill your air fresheners – save labor and inventory costs
  2. Contains no batteries or fans and are 100% recyclable
  3. Scent lasts for 30 days – outperforms aerosols, gels and wicks
  4. The perfect amount of scent – not too much or too little
  5. Great for restrooms, hallways, offices, locker rooms, elevators and many more!

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