Floor Mats

Grizzly Mats is a facility floor mat rental service that launders and rotates mats on a weekly and bi-weekly basis. Renting with Grizzly Mats will:

Increase safety

Make sure your employees and customers feel safe walking through your facility.

Enhance the image of your facility

Having your mats laundered will increase the life of your floors and provide a professional-looking environment.

Cut down house-keeping costs

Let us help maintain your floors. A slip, trip, and fall accident could cost you $20,000 out of your pocket.

How to Order Your Rental Mats

In three easy steps, Grizzly Mats can create a safer & professional facility for your company:

1. Schedule a free consultation with a Grizzly Mats representative

Schedule an appointment with Grizzly Mats. We will introduce you to our product line, make recommendations, and decide a date for first delivery!

2. Your driver delivers clean mats to your facility every week

Your driver will come to your facility, pick up the dirty mats from the previous week and lay down professionally laundered mats.

3. Driver checks out

Your driver will check out with you and take the dirty mats to our plant to be laundered for next week!

Interested in Grizzly Mat Services?

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