Can Dirty Floor Mats Make You Sick?

Can Dirty Floor Mats Make You Sick?

Floor mats get dirty. Here’s why clean floor mats matter.

The floor mats that greet customers at the entryway and help sustain employees during work hours are not objects that one might think about often. Still, Grizzly Mats knows just how crucial they are to the overall functionality of business premises. Did you also know that dirty floor mats make you sick? Take a look at the three factors that make floor mats hazardous and how we can help your business in Maryland.

Bacteria Build-Up

Different kinds of bacteria are commonly found on dirty surfaces. It isn’t just regular dirt and grime that comes into a front door; microscopic bacteria also make themselves at home. Common bacteria found on floors include staphylococcus, E. coli, micrococcus, pseudomonas, salmonella, and much more. While people might not touch the floor mats, they will track these bacteria on their shoes. Some germs could also be airborne.

Dust Build-Up

Dust and dirt are other common contaminants of commercial floor mats. Some floor mats are designed for dust control, trapping dust and dirt sufficiently to keep them from spreading throughout your building. However, when they become too dirty, they can cause respiratory issues or even skin irritation.

The Danger of Mold

Rainy and snowy days bring moisture and dampness into your premises. If you work in a wet area, such as a commercial kitchen or gym, your floor mats may also become damp. A consistently damp rug will breed mold and can cause serious headaches, dizziness, stomach illness, and mental anguish.

Keep Clean with Floor Mat Laundering Services

You can safely avoid all the ills of dirty floor mats by soliciting the prompt and experienced service of a professional floor mat cleaner. Grizzly Mats specializes in floor mat cleaning services and can pick up your mats once a week and lay down a fresh, clean one in its place. Your business will always have proper mats without the harmful dirt!

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