Anti-Fatigue Mats for Commercial Kitchens

Anti-Fatigue Mats for Commercial Kitchens

Our anti-fatigue mats will keep your kitchen staff working in comfort!

Commercial kitchen staff must stand at all times for long hours to prepare their restaurant’s fabulous cuisine. It takes more strength than one might think to be a cook or a chef, and it takes a greater physical toll to prepare food than commercial kitchen staff might expect. Standing and walking on hard floors all day wears out the knees, legs, and back. While ergonomic shoes only go so far in absorbing the force, anti-fatigue mats help that much more to help restaurant staff work their magic.

What Is an Anti-Fatigue Mat?

An anti-fatigue mat is a padded floor mat designed to absorb the pressures of standing for long periods of time. They are typically made of rubber. You can find anti-fatigue mats for multiple applications, such as home offices, locker rooms, laboratories, cashier counters, and more. Anti-fatigue mats that Grizzly Mats provides specifically for food service are Comfort Flow, Complete Comfort Mat, and Cushion Station Mat. These floor mats have drainage holes for spills as part of the design.

Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats for Commercial Kitchens

As the name implies, anti-fatigue mats help alleviate the stress put on kitchen workers’ joints, legs, and spine. Standing on a hard surface with only your own joints to absorb the force creates soreness all over and less productivity. No one wants to be in pain, and restaurant owners and kitchen staff alike want to produce great food! Anti-fatigue mats are a significant part of keeping work comfortable and doable.

These mats also prevent slips and falls with the friction and drainage they provide. High-quality anti-fatigue mats stay in place once installed and simply make floors safer. Placing them along main traffic points will help keep commercial kitchen staff safe from injury and the restaurant safe from liability.

Commercial Floor Mat Laundering 

Anti-fatigue mats need maintenance, namely through regular cleaning. Grizzly Mats can take care of this step for you with our commercial floor mat laundering service. You can order floor mats through us, and we can launder them weekly, setting down fresh mats in their place each time. If you are interested in our anti-fatigue mats for commercial kitchens, please explore our products and contact us!

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