How to Avoid Slip-and-Fall Liability

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A part of business responsibility is preventing slip-and-falls at your location. Here’s how you can do it.

As you set up your business location, you will have to be aware of potential risks that employees and visitors could face and do your best to protect against them. Aside from fire, theft, and flooding, slip-and-falls are another common threat. Avoid slip-and-fall liability and keep your visitors safe from harm with these tips.

Inspect Your Property Routinely

It is a good idea for the property manager to inspect the property periodically to ensure that no hazards, such as uneven surfaces, obstructive objects, or slippery surfaces, are present. Make sure all areas are well-lit and up-to-code. 

Record Your Inspection Work

When the property manager inspects the building and resolves any issues, he or she should keep a record of these doings with the dates so that should an accident ever happen, the business has a record of its responsible care for visitors’ safety.

Install Security Cameras

Another way to reduce liability is to install cameras at strategic points. One reason is to improve security and catch intruders, but another is to record any accidents that might occur, which helps prevent false injury claims. The video will give a just representation of what actually happened.

Install Slip-Resistant Floor Mats

Wet weather will always be around in Maryland. You can avoid slip-and-fall liability with durable, absorbent, and non-slip entrance mats. Better yet, you can put your logo on it, so people remember your brand. Grizzly Mats offers a range of exceptional and customizable outdoor and indoor entrance mats online.

Clean Floors Regularly

Floor mats can only catch so much water. Keep your floors from becoming a slippery, muddy mess with Grizzly Mats’ dry and wet mops. These tools work together to clean your floors of everything from dust to hardened stains. Grizzly Mats can routinely launder these mops so they can continue to perform well.

Put Up Hazard Signage

If you do not have time to mop up muddy messes during office hours, it is best to put up wet floor signs or a hazard sign to indicate the potential tripping or slipping risk. Practicing this tip and all the above will make you a responsible and responsive business owner!

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