When to Replace Your Floor Mats

When to Replace Your Floor Mats

When should you replace your floor mats? Look for these signs.

Do you know when to replace your floor mats? It can be a difficult decision to make when we’re talking about commercial mats, whether that means those that trap dust at the entrance to your business or anti-fatigue mats to help employees work through long shifts. Either way, they’ll eventually face enough wear and tear that you’ll start to consider replacing them. 

There may not be a clear rule, but there are some signs that can indicate that it’s time to replace your floor mats. If you’re unsure of when to replace your floor mats, read on and find out.

They’re Too Old

You might know when to replace your floor mats because enough time has gone by. Many commercial floor mats are made to last around a year, and those that face heavy foot traffic or might be exposed to other elements like getting wet often will start to show those signs of wear and tear around the 12-month mark. 

This is especially true of bathroom mats, wet area mats, anti-slip mats, scraper mats, and PVC sponge anti-fatigue mats. Even if you’re using something more durable, like urethane or molded vinyl mats, you’ll still want to inspect them after 12 months.

Curled Edges

One obvious sign? Curling around the edges. These minor flaws might make your floor look less than stellar, but they’re also a sign that it’s time to replace your floor mats, as they can pose a danger! Think about it this way: you don’t want to be responsible for someone tripping or falling because of your mats.

Visibly Fading

If you notice your colored or printed mats are beginning to fade, that’s a clear sign that they’re beginning to suffer from wear and tear. A little bit of fading isn’t a good reason to get rid of all your otherwise perfectly good mats. However, this is a sign that your mats are beginning to near the end of their life, so you should look out for other signs.

Harder to Clean

Mats should be regularly cleaned, ideally once a week, with a vacuuming treatment. If you notice that eventually, it becomes more difficult and takes longer to clean your mats, that’s a good sign that you should get a replacement. Likewise, if you notice more and more dirt getting trapped underneath your mats, that could be a sign that they’re losing their effectiveness as well.

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