How to Get Rid of New Rubber Mat Smell


Does your new rubber mat have a rubbery smell? Here’s what to do.

Adding new safety features to your workplace, including rubber mats and anti-fatigue mats can be exciting. After all, you are going to make your workers even more comfortable and safe on the job. Unfortunately, sometimes mats come along with smells when they are new. What are some of the best ways to get rid of a new rubber mat smell?

Use a Good Cleaner

One way to get rid of a new rubber mat smell is by cleaning each of the rubber mats with a neutral cleaner. It’s important to clean all the mats one by one in order to scrub off any residual chemicals and restore a neutral odor to the mat. Choose a cleaner with a neutral pH and clean both the top and the bottom of the map. Before installing it in the final destination, make sure that the mat is allowed to fully dry.

Choose Quality Mats

At Grizzly Mats, we have worked with many different businesses to find the right mats for their situation. As part of this, we can help you identify mats that have an appropriate level of odor for your space. For example, a mat that has a particularly strong odor when it is new might be recommended for use outdoors or in a large, open gym. We would never recommend that mat for a small enclosed space like an office. When you choose the right mats, you do not need to worry about how to get rid of new rubber mat smell.

Improve Ventilation

Improving the ventilation in your space can also help to get rid of the new rubber mat smell. Bringing in extra fans or turning the HVAC system on can help to circulate the odors and move them out of your space. If it is nice weather outside, you can even open a window to get some fresh air while you install your new rubber mats

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