Commercial Floor Mat Rental Service in Ellicott City

grizzly mats commercial floor mat rental service in Ellicott City

Use our commercial floor mat rental service in Ellicott City to keep your mats looking great.

Are you looking for the best floor mats for your Ellicott City business? The best floor mats will provide your building with both security and increased professionalism. Grizzly Mats understands this and designs all of our mats to serve both needs well. Our custom floor mats are essential for preventing slips and falls on your property, relieving employee fatigue, and protecting your floor from excess foot traffic. However, these benefits can only be enjoyed when your mats are well-maintained. This is why we not only design mats at Grizzly Mats but provide a regular laundering service as well. If our commercial floor mat rental service in Ellicott City sounds ideal for your property, contact the Grizzly Mats team to learn more.

The Benefits of Customized Floor Mat Rentals

Why is it worth using a commercial floor mat rental service in Ellicott City? There are many benefits to be enjoyed when you entrust our experienced team at Grizzly Mats to care for your mats: 

  • Increased Safety: The best floor mats guarantee that all employees and customers can walk securely through commercial spaces that experience frequent foot traffic. 
  • Improved Curb Appeal: Our customized floor mat rentals and laundering services increase your building’s curb appeal and professional appearance. This can attract new customers and create an incredible first impression. 
  • Decrease Your House-Keeping Expenses: Custom mats preserve the integrity of your floors by adding an extra layer of protection between shoes, furniture, machinery, and the floor beneath. Mats also prevent injuries from slip and fall accidents, which can lead to expensive lawsuits. 

 Our Floor Mat Laundering Service for Businesses 

How does our floor mat laundering service at Grizzly Mats work? The first step is selecting your custom logo mats from our online marketplace. Then, you can use our straightforward system for maintaining your rental mats: 

  • Schedule a meeting with a Grizzly Mats team member to review your mat options and make recommendations. After establishing your mats, we can schedule your first delivery date. 
  • On that date, your Grizzly Mats driver will deliver clean mats to your business on a regular schedule. When they drop off the laundered mats, they pick up the dirty mats and deliver them to our laundry facility. 
  • At the facility, your used mats will be professionally and thoroughly cleaned. These mats are then returned to you at the next drop-off date. 

Design Custom Logo Mats for Your Ellicott City Business

No matter your commercial property needs, you can design your ideal floor mats with Grizzly Mats. Our custom mats can feature your business logo and come in a variety of designs suitable for several environments. Your custom floor mat rentals are available in multiple styles: 

  • Indoor Mats: Our rental mats help preserve your floors while preventing slips and falls. 
  • Anti-Fatigue Mats: Designed to decrease back, leg, and foot pain for people standing for long periods. Ideal for warehouses, restaurants, retail workers, and front desk employees. 
  • Locker Room/Restroom Mats: Non-slip matting secures your floor mats in damp or humid locations. 
  • Logo Mats: Add your business logo or image to greet visitors at your entrances. 
  • Wet Area Mats: Best for workstations, kitchens, locker rooms, and other areas that may collect spills or moisture. 
  • Outdoor Mats: Reduce trips at entrances and collect outside dirt and debris from shoes. 
  • Stick Adhesive Mats: These mats provide directional cues to visitors and won’t move from their place. The adhesive backing keeps them secure but doesn’t leave behind residue. 

Contact Grizzly Mats to Use Our Commercial Floor Mat Rental Service in Ellicott City

Grizzly Mats started in 2018 as a local and family-run floor mat rental service in the Baltimore, MD, area. Our goal is to provide local business owners throughout Maryland and D.C. with a floor mat rental and laundry service they can rely on and trust. What sets us apart is our local customer service team and our eagerness to build long-lasting relationships with every client. Clients can purchase a range of mats suitable for commercial, industrial, and residential spaces through our online store. After that, we can launder and deliver fresh mats to your facility every week. To learn more about our services, you can contact us online or call us at 443-464-2241 to schedule a free consultation. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest for more information on maintaining your floor mats.

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