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Hand Soap & Sanitizer Service

Tired of constantly going to the store and worrying if you have enough hand soap for your facility? Along with our mat rental program, Grizzly Mats can provide your facility with a complete hand soap and sanitizer service. We will install and maintain your dispensers while ensuring you always have enough soap and sanitizer to operate safely in the workplace.

Providing access to personal hygiene products throughout your facility is very important in ensuring the safety of your customers and employees. Let Grizzly Mats take care of your inventory while you can get back to operating your business!

Benefits of Grizzly’s Soap & Sanitizer Service:

Inventory Control

You will never have to worry about running out of soap!

Installation & Maintenance

Installation and maintenance of your dispensers throughout your facility.

Keep Your Customers & Employees Safe

Keep your customers and employees safe by always having the proper hygiene products.

Stay in Compliance

Stay in compliance with OSHA by having enough soap and sanitizer available.

Help Fight Covid-19

Help fight Covid-19 and other harmful pathogens.

Interested in Grizzly’s Soap & Sanitizer Service?

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