The Wide World of Workplace Aprons

The Wide World of Workplace Aprons

Discover the many types of aprons available in a professional capacity.

It’s safe to assume that, as an adult human being, you’re familiar with the primary function of an apron. (“Potential fashion statement” might be considered more of a secondary function.) In a commercial setting, spill/splash/splatter protection is an inherently more pressing concern than at home, involving the comfort and safety of many. Have a look at this lineup of apron types to learn the kind of apron best suited for providing this comfort and safety in a range of professional environments. All of these and more are available for rent or purchase with customizable design options. Consider emblazoning your company’s logo—always a nice touch!

1. The “Bib” Model

  • Picture an apron. Done? Great. You’ve likely just conjured up a bib-type, easily the most common. 
  • These cover the full midsection (and maybe then some), tying behind the neck and the waist. They’re lightweight but durable, usually with large, easy-access pockets.
  • The “bib” is what restaurant workers most typically don, owing to its appealing combination of comfort, spill protection, and general convenience. (It’s also probably what you wear at home in front of the grill or frying pan.)

2. The “Waist” Model

  • This is another staple in the restaurant business, and might be regarded as a minimalistic take on the bib. It covers only (and therefore, naturally, fastens around) the waist.
  • Servers and hosting staff are most likely to sport this type of apron. This allows for a degree of protective coverage and a pocket for toting the trusty pen and notepad, but allows much greater visibility of an outfit/uniform.
  • Kitchen workers are unlikely to be spotted wearing the “waist”—which is to say, thoroughly spotted with tomato sauce, grease, etc. 

3. The “Bistro” Model

  • Another restaurant fixture, this one could be considered an extension of the “waist.” That’s where the garment affixes/begins, but continues down to the ankles.
  • This means more pockets—always handy.
  • Often the “bistro” is the apron of choice for more upscale establishments. Its smart look paired with (e.g.) a crisp white shirt and skinny tie.
  • It also provides greater leg protection, of course. (I invite you to creatively ponder any potential connection between this bullet point and the previous one.)

4. The “Four-Way” Model

  • Yet another food industry apron—the selling point: its capacity to be worn a particular number of ways. 
  • Essentially, the “four-way” is a lower-body type designed with foldable layers that can be rearranged as needed to quickly provide a clean surface sans any cleaning.
  • As in, four aprons in one! But less bulky than, say, wearing four aprons at once.

5. The “Cobbler” Model

  • These proliferate non-restaurant workplaces, favored in particular by healthcare workers, housecleaners, cafeteria staff, artists, etc.
  • The main draw is wrap-around coverage. In unpredictable environments, you never know what airborne irritant or would-be mess might be comin’ atcha from behind.
  • Cutting off at the waist, the “cobbler” incidentally provides bupkis in the way of shoe protection. 

6. The “Waterproof” Model

  • Designed to repel all liquids, these are heavier but highly durable, and offer optimal protection against any type of splash.
  • Covering the wearer from chest to shins, this is the go-to for dishwashers, laboratory workers, chemical treatment staff (etc.) alike.

7. The “Disposable” Model

  • Inexpensive! Bought in bulk! …Functional! Wear it once, wear it out if you can manage, then toss it and repeat the process tomorrow with another.

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