Who Needs Custom Logo Mats?

Who Needs Custom Logo Mats?

Could your business benefit from custom logo mats? Find out here.

Custom logo mats are floor mats for entrances and wet areas that feature a company’s name, logo, and colors. One can purchase durable, absorbent floor mats of various sizes and dimensions with your custom design on it from Grizzly Mats. In addition, we at Grizzly Mats offer professional floor mat laundering services to keep them clean every week. Who needs custom logo mats? Any of these industries below can benefit from these passive marketing tools!


You can distinguish your restaurant with a beautiful, custom logo mat at your entrance. Many customers come through your doors every day, and whenever they come in, they can know exactly what to expect when they see your custom logo on the floor. Custom logo floor mats are a great way to emphasize your brand as customers come and go.

Schools & Universities

Schools and universities can also benefit from custom logo floor mats. As students and faculty trudge through the door every day, the floor mats will capture any mud, dirt, dust, and water from outside. Branded floor mats are functional and can help boost school pride!


Hotels, motels, hospitals, etc., need to keep a professional look and maintain the utmost cleanliness in their buildings. The more polished the look of their entrance, the better the guests will feel about staying there. Branded logo mats help establish this professionalism customers are looking for.

Multi-Housing Companies

Apartments, condominiums, and retirement homes also need exceptional management to keep their facilities in the best condition possible. Any building with high traffic needs floor mats; however, custom logo mats will make entrances more professional.

Governmental Entities

The entrance of your town, city, county, or federal building can be adorned with an entrance mat featuring your governmental sign. This indicator can also help citizens understand what your political body is and does, which will improve your relationship with the people you serve.

Businesses of Any Size

Whether you run a global, mid-size, or a small business, you can benefit from a branded logo mat at your office or public business establishment. If you need advice on the design, Grizzly Mats can help you!

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