Types of Floors Mats for Restaurants

Types of Floors Mats for Restaurants

Floor mats for restaurants come in multiple forms. Grizzly Mats supplies them all!

Restaurants can have many configurations, but all need durable floor mats designed to suit specific purposes throughout the premises. Grizzly Mats is ready to help your Maryland restaurant start every day on the right foot with long-lasting, clean, non-slip floor mats. What types of floor mats might your restaurant need? Below is a brief overview. Check out our website to see all the types of floor mats we offer. If you need floor mats and commercial floor mat laundering to go with them, we are at your service!

Outdoor & Indoor Entrance Mats

Outdoor entrance mats begin the process of removing dirt and water from people’s shoes as they enter. Another name for them might be scraper mats, textured rubber mats that help people scrape debris off their shoes. 

Indoor entrance mats continue to help absorb dirt and moisture to keep the rest of the restaurant’s floor clean and dry. Either outdoor or indoor mats could feature the company name, logo, slogan, or a combination of two of these items. If you need tips to create a floor mat design, Grizzly Mats is here to help. Applying a design and ordering your logo mats is extremely easy.

Stations & Bars

A restaurant could have multiple stations. Examples include a cashier’s stand, an ordering station, a water station, a salad bar, a bar, and a buffet bar. Some areas might need a non-slip, absorbent mat for comfort and cleanliness underfoot, while others might need anti-fatigue and drainage features. Work areas, such as behind bars and cashier stations, can become more comfortable with anti-fatigue mats.

Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens use anti-fatigue mats with drainage holes for comfortable food preparation work and a clean, non-slippery floor. The floor mat may also be grease and oil absorbent. You will want a floor mat to cover every significant zone in your commercial kitchen, including the entrance and the walk-in freezer, if applicable.


Restrooms are another part of the restaurant you might not consider at first as needing floor mats. However, Grizzly Mats’ urinal mats can help restrooms stay cleaner and fresher. Our commercial laundering service will help all your floor mats remain functional for a long time!

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