Keep Your School Clean with Grizzly Mats

Keep Your School Clean with Grizzly Mats

The school year is near; our multiple services can help your building stay clean.

Another eventful school year is just around the corner, and with that comes the everyday traffic throughout many school buildings across Maryland. Schools of all sizes can become dirty quickly, but there are multiple ways that schools can help keep their facilities clean and sanitary. Grizzly Mats can be your partner and help keep your school clean with these necessary services below.

Floor Mats

Although entrance floor mats are low-profile, they are essential for keeping your school clean right from the start. Outdoor and indoor floor mats allow visitors to wipe their feet clean of dirt and mud and get rid of excess moisture. They keep hallways from becoming a squeaky, slippery, streaky mess. Grizzly Mats’ rental service ensures that you will have fresh, professionally-laundered floor mats at your entrance points every week.

Hygiene Products

Hygiene products include hand sanitizer and hand soap. Hand sanitizer stations can stand anywhere in a school building, such as at the entrance, along a hallway, and at the cafeteria entrance. Hand soap dispensers need proper installation and refills to keep everyone’s hands clean. 

Paper Products

Keep your restroom refill needs with one company, and add paper products to the list. You will never run out of paper towels or toilet paper at your school. Grizzly Mats also offers the installation and maintenance of paper product dispensers. You can also expect high-quality commercial paper products for high-quality satisfaction.

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners get rid of odors and help keep your school clean in multiple areas. Air fresheners work for the restrooms, hallways, locker rooms, offices, and more. A clean-smelling school is a healthier and happier one; we can take care of their installation, maintenance, and refills.

Wet & Dry Mops

Wet and dry mops are the fundamental arsenal for cleaning professionals concerning keeping floors clean. Dry mops remove loose dirt and debris, while wet mops remove fine dust and sticky stains and sanitize the floors. At Grizzly Mats, you can rent and launder your mops with us!

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