Dry Mop vs. Wet Mop for Businesses

Dry Mop vs. Wet Mop for Businesses

Dry mopping and wet mopping are both important for your business.

Keeping your business clean is an important part of your daily work, especially in the wake of a pandemic that has not loosened its grip as much as anyone would like. While we often pay a lot of attention to touch points – door knobs, phone handsets, etc. – the floors also need our focus. Your floors are an important part of the overall cleanliness of your business, however. Most places simply sweep up the floors at the end of the night and call it a day (often forgetting to even get under the floor mats). In some cases, they may actually mop those floors. If you’re one of the businesses that mops daily, are you wet mopping or dry mopping? What even is the difference? Read on to learn more.

Wet Mops

Wet mopping is the process of cleaning the floor that most people envision when they hear the word mop. There are many types of wet mops, from the string kind that needs wringing out to the spray mops with a canister of cleaning solution attached. Wet mopping uses moisture, be it just water or a cleaning solution, to get rid of stuff on the floor that doesn’t come up with sweeping or dry mopping or to clean up spills. Depending on the type of flooring you have, you may not be okay using a lot of liquid (many laminate floors can’t get too wet, or they suffer damage). Choose the right type of wet mop for your type of flooring, and try to limit how often you have to use an excessive amount of liquid.

Dry Mops

Dry mopping is a lesser-known name since most people associate the word mop with the wet processes described above. Dry mopping involves using a mop but going over the floor without any moisture. How is this different than sweeping? It accomplishes the same thing, but dry mopping is more efficient. Sweeping with a broom leaves behind a lot of dust and debris that a dry mop traps and picks up. Dry mops heads have microfiber or electrostatic strands that attracts and locks in the dirt. Dry mopping should be done daily and should always be done before you wet mop to pick up loose debris first.

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