The Benefits of WaterHog Mats for Businesses

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WaterHog mats are big in the floor mat world. What makes them so great?

WaterHog mats are a popular type of commercial floor mat for entrances. They have been around for quite a few years and are not going anywhere. If you have searched the Internet for reliable entrance floor mats, you have likely heard of WaterHog. Why are these mats so in demand? Online, you will find different versions of the benefits of WaterHog mats for businesses. Below, you shall find a summary of their advantages, particularly for the WaterHog Impressions HD Logo mat, available at the Grizzly Mats online store.

WaterHog Mats Are the Industry Standard

WaterHog mats are the industry standard for functional and appealing business floor mats. Their popularity is a good indicator of how well they function. Based on their proven performance and high demand, you can trust that they can prevent slips, trips, and falls at a business entrance. An injury from a fall on a business property can cost businesses millions of dollars. You can be a responsible property manager by using these highly absorbent, slip-resistant mats.

WaterHog Mats Are Appealing

There are 56 color options for the WaterHog Impressions HD Logo mat. With such an array of colors, you can certainly find the right shade for your business’s floors. It will be easy to match the floor mats with your brand’s colors.

They also feel great underfoot; their waffle design and nitrile rubber backing make the carpet feel durable and like new. They will not fade either; their PET (polyethylene terephthalate) material with an acid dye keeps their colors and designs intact. You can also find different shapes and floor mat layouts, including the WaterHog Grand/ Half Oval.

WaterHog Mats Are Easy to Customize

Let’s say you want to obtain these attractive, long-lasting floor mats for your business. It’s easy to customize them with Grizzly Mats! Select the size, background color, border, image direction, and your logo into the site. Then, send it to us by email, and our design team will email you a proof. If you’d like, please talk with us for helpful advice on how to design your floor mats.

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