Floor Mats That Absorb Oil: Oil Absorbent Mats

Floor Mats That Absorb Oil: Oil Absorbent Mats

Need floor mats that can absorb oil and water? Find them at Grizzly Mats!

Floor mats come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and kinds. Some are ideal for trapping dust when visitors tramp through on a dry summer day. Others are best for letting water seep through them into the nearest floor drain. Others still absorb oil and grease while reducing the stain of standing for a long time. The last kind is what we shall be talking about today: floor mats that absorb oil, otherwise known as oil absorbent mats.

Benefits of Oil Absorbent Mats

Oil absorbent mats actually absorb more than just oil; practically any liquid is at the mercy of its trapping power. You can easily eliminate accidental puddles in the workplace with oil absorbent mats for a cleaner work zone. They also help keep a safer workplace, adding traction to floors where spills are most likely to take place. These floor mats can also endure laundering and recycling, so you get the most for your money.

Industries That Use Oil Absorbent Mats

Floor mats that can absorb oil are applicable to dozens of industries, so it’s very possible that your industry might be one of them. Any field that deals with oil or liquid of any kind could find these useful. Examples include the following: grocery stores, automotive shops, restaurants, gas stations, landscaping facilities, manufacturing facilities, trucking sites, construction sites, municipal utility buildings, and healthcare facilities.

Laundering Services for Your Oil Absorbent Mats

Oil absorbent mats need regular cleaning to enable them to do their job for months and years. That’s why Grizzly Mats provides exceptional commercial laundering services for oil absorbent mats and floor mats of all kinds. Through our rental service, you can gain the benefit of professionally-selected floor mats and industrial laundering services to go with them. 

Other Grizzly Floor Mat Services

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