Where to Install Floor Mats in the Office

Where to Install Floor Mats in the Office

Where’s the best place to put floor mats around the office building? Check it out here!

Adding floor mats to your business serves various purposes, whether you are trying to avoid slipping near the door on a rainy day or add traction in a wet part of a store. When thinking about where to install floor mats, there are a few considerations that you should make, including considering the OSHA standards for your workplace. Here are some of our best tips for installing floor mats at your workplace.

What Does OSHA Require?

When thinking about where to install floor mats, it’s important to follow OSHA standards first. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires businesses to provide their workers with a safe environment that has a minimal risk of slipping or tripping. In any wet parts of a store or manufacturing facility, there should be drains used in addition to mats.

In short, OSHA requires:

  • All-weather floor mats at every entrance to the building
  • Mats placed in parts of the building where water is commonplace
  • Mats installed throughout the office wherever there is a chance that soap, grease, water, oil, or something else that is slippery may drip on the floor
  • Additional mats in appropriate areas to absorb excess water on rainy or snowy days 

What Size Mat Should You Install?

As you are planning where to install floor mats, you should also consider what size mats to purchase. Most doorways are 3 feet wide, and double doorways are 6 feet wide. As a general rule of thumb, you want to have a little bit of room on either side of the doorway so that the mat is less likely to get bunched up and become a trip hazard.

What About Parts of the Office Without Moisture?

Some businesses think that there is no need to install floor mats in places that do not have moisture, but you should also consider anti-fatigue and ergonomic mats when thinking about where to install floor mats. Back injuries are very commonplace in offices that do not have ergonomic flooring. One solution is anti-fatigue floor mats to keep your employees comfortable and reduce injury.

Make Installing Floor Mats a Breeze with Grizzly Mats

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