Wet Area Mats & Mat Laundering Services

Wet Area Mats & Mat Laundering Services

Grizzly Mats is a distributor of all-important wet area floor mats!

Here at Grizzly Mats, you can find a wide range of floor mats to keep your premises clean, dry, and comfortable underfoot. Wet area mats are a large part of the floor mat industry and are used by many industries. Grizzly Mats offers several types of wet area mats and mat laundering services to go with them. Here is more information on these ingenious floor mats and what you can expect from our services.

What Are Wet Area Mats?

Wet area mats are designed to keep commercial, industrial, and residential areas dry and clean where liquids are often present. These liquids could be water, oil, or grease. They work by either absorbing as much fluid as possible to leave floors dry or by repelling liquids and letting them seep through into the nearest drainage hole. Common materials include vinyl, rubber, and thermoplastic rubber.


These mats successfully keep facilities from becoming slippery and thus much less likely to produce a slip-n-fall. The last thing your business wants is an accident-prone facility and liability for injuries. They are vital for keeping employees and customers safe from injury.

They also help keep your business much cleaner. Through either absorption or drainage, they do everything to keep fluid from puddling and bacteria from forming. Some wet area mats have antimicrobial properties.

Many of these mats also have anti-fatigue properties, which can help employees and customers alike keep in the best of health. Hard flooring can wear out the body from the ankle to the spine and even cause shin splints. These mats are perfect for wet areas where employees work for long hours or heavy traffic comes through.

Common Applications

Common industries that use wet area floor mats include swimming pools, gyms, spas, auto repair shops, and commercial kitchens. Grizzly Mats has a mat for every application; feel free to browse our collection on our website.

Wet Area Mats & Mat Laundering Services

Grizzly Mats sells wet area mats; we also provide local floor mat laundering services so that your Maryland business can have fresh, clean mats every week and new ones immediately in place of the old ones. 

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See our contact page, call us at 410-671-0943, or email us at [email protected] for more information on our floor mat services or our towels, aprons, wet and dust mops, and air freshener services. Visit our Grizzly Mats Online Marketplace to find all kinds of mats for purchase. Last but not least, don’t forget to visit us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest!

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