Keeping Business Floors Clean in Summer

Keeping Business Floors Clean in Summer

Keeping your floors clean in summer is as simple as using the right tools.

Summer is a season that brings in plenty of dirt, moisture, and dust of all kinds into many a commercial building. One should never underestimate how important it is to maintain dust control and dry, clean floors in your building. No matter what industry you work in, there are several ways that floor mat and mop rental services help keep business floors clean in summer.

Floor Mats for Summer Storms

Summer in Maryland sees thunderstorms, torrential rains, and sometimes hurricanes. It is by no means a dry season on the whole. While you won’t experience a daily deluge in Maryland, you can be prepared for the wettest of days with entrance floor mats that absorb or drain away excess moisture, keeping your floors as dry as possible.

Floor Mats for Summer Dust

Indoor floor mats in particular are excellent at absorbing moisture and maintaining dust control. You can find excellent dust controlling indoor entrance floor mats at our shop. There, you can find floor mats that are specifically designed to entrap dust, thus keeping your indoor areas much cleaner than they otherwise would be.

Floor Mats for Summer Marketing

Marketing never stops, not even in the summer. Summer is a great time to bring in new colors into your building, and Grizzly Mats can help you brighten up your floor mat designs with our custom logo floor mat services. We offer mats that allow you to customize the color and image on it while providing a functional floor piece that keeps the floors clean in summer.

Floor Mat Rental Services for Businesses

Floor mat rental services go hand in hand with having floor mats at all. Over a short time with significant traffic, your floor mats will need superior cleaning to get rid of the dirt and keep them fresh. Grizzly Mats is proud to provide businesses everywhere in Maryland with the professional floor mat laundering they need to keep their floor mats and buildings clean and pristine. We pick up our customers’ mats once a week and lay down new ones in their place. Contact us if you are interested in gaining the benefits of professional laundering!

Mop Rental Services for Businesses

We also supply dry and wet mops and mop cleaning services for businesses. Dry and wet mops do what floor mats can’t. With the combination of these tools and laundering services, you can keep your floors clean in summer, winter, and every season.

Contact Grizzly Mats for Floor Mat Services!

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