Floor Mats for Educational Buildings

Floor Mats for Educational Buildings

Schools can count on us for all their floor mat needs!

School buildings of all kinds see much traffic for much of the year, if not all year round. Different seasons and many feet can bring much grime and dust into your school, college, or other educational facilities. If you need high-quality, durable mats and floor mat laundering services, Grizzly Mats has you covered. See what types of floor mats for educational buildings we offer below!

Outdoor Entrance Mats for Schools

You can trap dirt and excess water from shoes even before students, faculty, and visitors make it through the door. Our outdoor entrance mats are designed to absorb the most water and scrape off the most dirt before anyone enters. Brands we distribute include Waterhog and SuperScrape.

Indoor Entrance Mats for Schools

You can also use these mats or double up indoors. Indoor entrance mats can be plain or feature your school or business’s logo for the best impression. Indoor mats can absorb just as much water and prevent floors from becoming a slippery, unsanitary liability. 

Other indoor floor mats we offer include directional mats, which are small, adhesive mats that direct traffic with arrows or other signs. Sure Stride Directional mats stay in place and are odor and slip-resistant. 

Wet Area Mats for Schools

Restrooms, locker rooms, and school kitchens can have slippery floors. Grizzly Mats has a solution for these areas too, with our wet area mats for schools. These floor mats for educational buildings allow water to drain through them toward the nearest drain while providing enough friction.

Desk Mats for Schools

Faculty desks need floor mats underneath to provide friction for rolling chairs, clean floors, and possibly comfort if teachers are using standing desks. Grizzly Mats has options for both. Our Desk Chair mat provides smooth gliding, skid resistance, and easy cleaning. Out GetFit StandUp mats come in attractive colors and prove high performance. 

Custom Floor Mats for Schools

Logo and custom floor mats are also available for schools of all kinds. Whether you need a colorful floor mat for a common area or just the entrance, you can choose from a stunning variety of base colors and add an image on top of your own. See our Berber Impressions mats for more details.

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