Commercial Indoor and Outdoor Mats

Commercial Indoor and Outdoor Mats

Both indoor and outdoor mats help businesses stay clean and dry.

Commercial floor mats play a positive role in the functionality of your business. Schools, offices, hospitals, gyms, restaurants, retail stores, and many other types of companies all use floor mats to keep dirt and moisture out of the building. If you are looking for new commercial floor mats, you will quickly see that you can choose between indoor and outdoor mats. There are different purposes of indoor and outdoor mats, but one will see that both are highly helpful.

Commercial Outdoor Mats

Commercial outdoor mats are often a durable rubber or woven mat that repels all moisture. Outdoor floor mats are essentially waterproof, slip-resistant, and coarse to provide friction and scrape off dirt from shoe soles. They can be plain or feature a business logo. 

When visitors and workers come tramping through the door every day through all weather, the pathway will eventually see much mud, dirt, snow, rain, and debris besmirch it. Shoes will track that water and dirt through the building and leave an ever-growing trail of slippery mud in the front area. Outdoor mats keep the bulk dirt and water from entering the building before people even make it through the door. They give them a chance to scrape the dirt off their shoes before entering. Because of their waterproof nature, the mats will wick away all the debris. 

Commercial Indoor Mats

Outdoor mats cannot remove all dirt and water from shoes, however. Indoor mats absorb and wipe off extra moisture from the soles as people walk into the building. Even if outdoor mats are present, shoes can still be wet, and thus hallways and lobbies can also become wet and slippery. Companies typically have indoor mats to prevent any liability for a slip-n-fall, plus the practical security of preventing slippery floors. 

Indoor floor mats are practically synonymous with carpeted floor mats, but some may focus on featuring a custom logo, while others prioritize water absorbency. Grizzly Mats features both custom logo mats and WaterHog mats; the WaterHog Impressions HD logo mat offers the best of both worlds.

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