How Long Do Floor Mats Last?

How Long Do Floor Mats Last?

How long do entry floor mats last? It all depends.

When purchasing or leasing anything, naturally, business owners wonder how long a product will last. The more you have to replace a product, the more money it can cost you. Floor mats are a wise investment because they help increase the lifespan of your floors when you use them in different areas. But how long do floor mats last? Grizzly Mats is here to answer that question for you today. 

What Factors Impact How Long a Mat Lasts?

On average, floor mats can last up to three years without a replacement—however, a few factors impact whether a floor mat lasts for a shorter or longer period. Here are the three sources of mat degradation. 

  1. Foot Traffic: Floors and floor mats see a lot of traffic. From visitors and customers entering and exiting your business to employees standing on them for a long time, floor mats inevitably face damage. Floor mats protect your flooring, but at the expense of them facing wear and tear. However, replacing floor mats is more cost-effective than repairing or fixing an entire floor. 
  2.  Design: There is such a thing as a poorly-designed floor mat. Some floor mats have higher quality than others. If a floor mat doesn’t have the best design, it won’t last as long as one with a more efficient structure. Mats should be durable, contain quality materials, and be provided by a credible company. 
  3. Maintenance: Floor mats that don’t have regular maintenance won’t last as long. Even mats with steady foot traffic and poor designs will last a bit longer with specialized attention from a professional. 

What Grizzly Mats Can Offer You

We offer quality mats that benefit a wide range of budgets. The mats we provide offer long lifespans and can hold up well to even the most laborious workplace conditions. 

Our mats are comfortable to walk on and highly effective at keeping your floors dirt, debris, and moisture-free, and we create custom logo mat designs for our customers. Additionally, our locally owned and operated commercial laundry division will clean floor mats so that you don’t have to do this task. 

Regardless of what customers and employees track on them, we’ll remove stains quickly and effectively. We’ll ensure that your mats look as good as new. Finally, we’ll pay attention to if the mats have any structural changes and handle any necessary repairs. 

We hope we’ve effectively answered the question, “How long do floor mats last?” If you have more questions, contact us today. Also, reach out to us to learn more about the benefits of a floor mat rental service

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