Should Your School Have Desk Chair Mats?


Does your school’s teachers’ desks need desk chair mats? Grizzly Mats can supply them!

School season takes up most of the year; for some Maryland schools, the school year lasts from August to June. With all of these hours spent in the school building, you might as well make the most of it and make yourself as comfortable as possible at the desk. As you go through your day, grade papers, etc., you can sit comfortably, cleanly, and stylishly with Grizzly Mats’ desk chair mats.

Benefits of Desk Chair Mats

Better Mobility

If you sit on a wheeled chair at your teacher’s desk, but the floors are tile, you might find yourself rolling around without enough friction. On the other side, you might be on carpet, but the carpet is coarse. Desk chair mats can add welcome friction under your chair or smoother rolling on carpeted flooring.

Floor Protection

Desk chair mats can also protect the floors. If you have a spill, it can fall on an easy-to-clean floor mat. If your desk chair is prone to scratching the floor, the floor mat prohibits that from happening. A floor mat that stays in place will overall help protect the floor from scuffs, dents, scratches, stains, etc.

Comfort & Style

A desk chair mat adds color and style to your classroom or office. You can keep it neutral or showcase school spirit with school colors. You can also find desk chair mats in different patterned weaves for a unique look. Instead of sitting on hard, cold flooring, your chair can rest on a durable, easy-to-clean carpet.

What Grizzly Mats Can Do for You

Desk Chair Mats

Grizzly Mats provide an easy way for you to order desk chair mats of your choice. Our desk chair mat is available in three colors, blue, gray, and khaki, and three different patterns. They are designed for hard floors or low-profile carpeting, and their dimensions are 3’x4′. 

Desk Chair Mat Laundering

Desk chair mats might be easy to vacuum and wipe, but after a while it helps to clean them deeply. You can rely on our routine floor mat laundering service to keep your mats intact and fresh every week. There’s nothing like a clean workplace!

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