Warm Colors vs. Cool Colors in Marketing

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Balance cool and warm colors in your stunning logo design with these tips!

First impressions are essential in a business, and your company logo might be one of the very first things your customers see. After all, they will find your business either online or at your office, and in both places, your business logo is present. It is surprisingly easy to create a floor mat design with Grizzly Mats; here is a look at the use of warm colors vs. cool colors in marketing to help make your floor mat design count.

Using Warm Colors in Marketing

The debate between warm colors vs. cool colors lies in what you want your company’s mood to be. The warm colors of red, orange, and yellow portray a sense of energy, passion, and hunger. That’s why many food brands use warm colors in their logos. If you want to show your company as dynamic, then warm colors are your brand’s friends.

Using Cool Colors in Marketing

Cool colors are blue, green, and purple. They depict different values, but overall feel serene compared to warm colors. Blue embodies calm, trust, and loyalty. Green feels fresh and organic. Purple is often a color of royalty and even eccentricity. You can use any of these colors to your advantage if their moods resonate with your brand.

Mixing Warm and Cool Colors in Logo Design

It is possible to use more than one color in your floor mat’s logo design. One warm color and one cool color can create a dynamic contrast or a blend of moods. You could also try pairing your primary brand color with a neutral tone like black or white. You can explore the many custom floor mat designs of businesses that work with Grizzly Mats for inspiration.

Keep It Simple

The best principle to maintain is simplicity. It can be easy to overthink or complicate your logo design colors, but keeping the design and colors as simple as possible will help you come out with a beautiful result. 

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