How to Prevent Slips and Falls in Your Business

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Keep your business entrance safe and dry with these tips!

In rainy weather, business entrances can soon become a slippery, squeaky, and smelly mess. It is not pleasant to have a building entrance with shiny, dirty floors, nor is it safe. This issue matters no matter how much traffic your building gets, as a slippery entryway can endanger anyone’s sense of balance. If you are tired of traversing a slippery floor, here’s how you can prevent slips and falls in your business.

Install High-Quality Floor Mats

The best way to add traction to your entryway floors and reduce slipperiness is to put down high-quality floor mats. WaterHog floor mats are a great option for any business, and you can find them with Grizzly Mats in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C., area. Absorbent, slip-resistant floor mats are the easiest solution to the problem.

Use a Floor Mat Rental Program

Floor mats are not objects you can leave and forget. They need maintenance too. A floor mat rental program lets a company like Grizzly Mats to replace your floor mats each week with fresh, new ones and launder your old ones in the meantime. Commercial floor mat cleaning takes the burden of maintenance off of you while taking the best care of the mats. Businesses that use Grizzly Mats’ floor mat rental program are glad they do!

Clean and Maintain Floors

Even with absorbent floor mats, it is still possible for your floors to get wet. When visitors are absent, the property manager should make sure that the floors remain fresh and clean. Grizzly Mats sources wet and dry mop rentals to businesses, allowing them to deep-clean their hard floors. We also commercially launder these mops so that they can continue to do their job.

Put Up Wet Area Signs

If you cannot avoid the hallways and lobbies getting wet, you can put up caution signs warning of wet floors. Safety is a priority, and signage is a great and effective way to achieve that. You should place the floor signs close enough for people to see upon entry, but far enough that they are out of the way.

Set Up a Fan

If the floors are unbearably wet, using a fan, a mop, or both can help keep them dry. Blowing air continually over the surface will help reduce slipperiness without active effort. 

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