The Science of Locker Room Mats

The Science of Locker Room Mats

Locker room mat designs allow customers to have the best experience.

Locker room, restroom, and pool mats all fall into the same category of mats that are underfoot in a wet public facility. If you run a gym, a swimming pool, or any other such facility, you need locker room mats that will help your customers in the ways below. Grizzly Mats is happy to be of service in providing and laundering your facility’s floor mats.

Slip Resistance

The very top benefit that locker room mats give is slip resistance. Locker rooms, restrooms, and indoor swimming pools can be the slipperiest of public places and some of the most hazardous. In wet conditions, slip-n-falls are more likely. Floor mats designed for locker rooms have the double-sided friction necessary for preventing falls in key places.

Proper Drainage

Slippery areas mean that water is present, which means that that water needs somewhere to go. Improper floor mats can absorb moisture or cause it to puddle. Properly designed floor mats will let water drain right through them and flow into the closest drainage outlet. Your floors can be both slip-resistant and as dry as possible.

Antimicrobial Properties

Moist materials can be a breeding ground for microbes like bacteria and viruses. The wrong mat can make any locker room a haven for mold, mildew, and disease, all of which can sicken and drive away your customers. Locker room mats have antimicrobial properties that prevent mold and mildew from forming and discourage bacteria from building up.

Shock Absorption

Locker rooms and other wet rooms typically have hard tile floors. Walking around on these surfaces can be cold and uncomfortable. Once again, proper floor mats remedy the situation with their comfortable design, providing shock absorption and preventing fatigue

Clean Mats for Clean Locker Rooms

All of these benefits can work at their optimal level when they are well-maintained. Grizzly Mats is a company that specializes in laundering floor mats of all kinds. With our handy program, we can take care of all your floor mat maintenance needs, allowing you to focus on running your business.

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