Tips to Choose the Best Gym Towels

Tips to Choose the Best Gym Towels

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A gym towel isn’t something that one should take lightly. Is it just a piece of absorbent cloth? Absolutely. But if you choose the best gym towels and you go for something truly next-level, you’ll enjoy your post-workout experience that much more. Think about the difference high-quality towels can make when you go to a hotel. The same thing applies here.

If you want to choose the best gym towels, there are more factors worth considering than you may realize. Thankfully, we’ve got the rundown on everything you need to consider when trying to choose the best gym towels for you.

Materials Used

The most common material you’ll see used in gym towels is cotton, which isn’t a bad pick at all given its durability, absorbency, and availability. Many gym enthusiasts will bring small terry cotton towels with them if they sweat a lot during their workouts and since these towels dry quickly, they can prevent mildew or bacteria growth.

Other options worth considering include linen, microfiber, bamboo, and cotton-polyester blends. Microfiber is a great pick if you want something that’s thin, soft, and will still dry very well.

Size and Weight

A thinner gym towel is going to wear down quicker so if you’re looking for something durable, you may want heavier towels that can last multiple uses and washes. However, that also means they can trap moisture easier, harboring bacteria, if you aren’t cleaning them regularly—so try to clean gym towels after every use.

Size also matters as you’re going to want smaller, lighter towels if they need to be stored easily or if people are using them during workouts. Some gym-goers prefer regular towel sizes, and some prefer something closer to a hand towel, so it all depends on your audience.

Overall Softness

Gym users often prefer a soft towel since they will use it to wipe the sweat off of them, including off of their face and other sensitive areas. If you’re looking for the best in terms of balancing softness and durability, consider premium cotton gym towels. Just refrain from using harsh detergents when washing them because it could reduce their durability.

Absorbency Levels

At the end of the day, towels are mostly about their ability to absorb liquids. In the case of a gym towel, that means sweat. Thicker towels are more absorbent but also bulkier and less likely to be enjoyed by the busy gym-goer. Find something right in the middle that will still absorb sweat without causing any issues.

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