Why Use Urinal Mats for Commercial Spaces?

Why Use Urinal Mats for Commercial Spaces?

Urinal mats make commercial restrooms a better place.

Urinal mats and other restroom floor mats are more valuable than meets the eye. Grizzly Mats supplies, cleans, and replaces floor mats for many businesses in Maryland with satisfactory results; company owners are happy to always have clean, working floor mats on their premises. Urinal mats can be of use in any commercial establishment, including offices, clubs, restaurants, schools, and more. Here’s why you should use urinal mats for commercial spaces.

Protect the Restroom Flooring

Although unpleasant, a property manager must recognize that restroom floors need protection from harsh substances of all kinds, including urine, potentially. Urinal mats for commercial spaces protect tiles and grout from these harsh chemicals. Frankly, purchasing urinal mats is far less expensive than replacing worn-out floors!

Keep Wet Areas Dry

A wet restroom floor is dirty and unpleasant. An absorbent, neutral floor mat will keep your restroom dry. If you have a wet area on your commercial premises, it is best to have floor mats to absorb the moisture and dry quickly.

Minimize Odors

Restrooms should be as clean as possible and should also smell fresh. Minimize foul odors with CleanShield urinal mats provided by Grizzly Mats. These urinal mats for commercial spaces not only absorb moisture but eliminate odors as well. 

Dispose Monthly

Urinal mats typically have a 30-day lifespan. The actual lifespan of each mat will depend on how much traffic your restroom gets. A fast food restaurant might have more restroom traffic than a country club, for example. Even so, an activated TimeStrip will show you when it is ready to go to the landfill.

Keep the Restroom Slip-Resistant

Wet floors are slippery floors; the last thing your establishment needs is a lawsuit for a slip-n-fall. Keep your restrooms safe underfoot with floor mats and urinal mats that stay in place and provide friction.

Keep the Restroom Presentable

Grizzly Mats’ CleanShield urinal mats are neutral and respectable additions to any restroom floor. They help to keep your restroom looking great with so many functional benefits with them. 

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