Get Stick Adhesive Mats from Grizzly Mats!

Get Stick Adhesive Mats from Grizzly Mats!

Get your stick adhesive mats from Grizzly Mats!

Stick adhesive mats come in various materials, shapes, and sizes that, as the name implies, stick to the floor. These mats are specialized to be highly durable in areas that undergo potentially toxic debris, a high level of debris, or heavy traffic. You can find fantastic stick adhesive mats from Grizzly Mats!

Benefits of Our Stick Adhesive Mats


Any and all of our stick adhesive mats will be sure to stay in place. Once you install them, they won’t move, a crucial element for floor mats in many industries. If your facility has heavy traffic, you will want to use stick adhesive mats to prevent any chance of a slip and fall.


Our stick adhesive mats also feature odor resistance, an amazing capability produced by the antimicrobial treatment on the floor mats. While you may appreciate this benefit on entryway mats, you will especially want it for wet areas such as restrooms and locker rooms. Our CleanShield urinal mats are an excellent example.

Low Profile

All stick adhesive mats that Grizzly Mats distributes have a low profile, meaning it does not stick up and remains unobtrusive to the entryway or room it is in. These simple mats stay in place and do their duty to remain neutral, directional, or promotional. As one can see on our product page, these floor mats can come in an upscale black diamond pattern, with a directional sign, or with a custom logo.


Branding is a very creative field, and one can use practically any object to shout out your company. Floor mats are up for grabs, even stick adhesive ones. Grizzly Mats allows you to order adhesive mats that feature your logo and make it the first thing people see when they enter your premises.

Stick Adhesive Mat Applications

Industries that involve large facilities make great use of our stick adhesive floor mats. These industries include:

  • Airports
  • Grocery stores
  • Retail centers
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Gyms

Contact Grizzly Mats for Floor Mat Services!

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