Removing Deicers from Your Building

Grizzly Mats truck in snow

Grizzly Mats can help you keep rock salt and snow out of your building with floor mats, mops, and more!

As winter moves onward, you might be preparing your building for the wastes of winter weather. Mud, rain, sleet, and snow can make their way into hospitals, schools, offices, restaurants, and retail centers. How can property managers like you keep entrances clean and free of slippery surfaces? Grizzly Mats is here to help you remove deicers from your building and keep them out.

Proper Deicer Distribution

The first step is to make sure that deicers like salt, salt brine, and deicing chemicals are installed outside your building evenly. Even distribution will help to prevent visitors from dragging them inside as much; they will not clump under customers’ shoes. If possible, address any issues regarding deicing chemicals.

Use Durable Entry Floor Mats

The next step is to install durable entryway floor mats. Outdoor and indoor entrance floor mats will allow visitors to wipe their feet before and after they enter the building from any point. Grizzly Mats offers a fine selection of floor mats, including WaterHog mats, which are super durable and absorbent. You can even put your company logo on them!

Get Commercial Floor Mats Laundering Services

It isn’t enough to have floor mats in place. Depending on the traffic level your building gets each week, floor mats can become dirty fast. Eventually, they won’t be able to trap dirt and moisture as they would if they were clean. Grizzly Mats resolves this issue with weekly floor mat laundering; we will put down fresh floor mats each time we take others in for laundering.

Rent Wet and Dry Mops

Floor mats only protect your floors so far. It is still possible for visitors to tramp in deicing chemicals and mud beyond the front door. That is why regular floor cleaning still matters. We can supply your commercial building with wet and dry mop rentals so that you can keep your floors completely clean.

Hire Mop Laundering Services

As you know, wet and dry mops can become dirty, too. Once again, Grizzly Mats can take care of mop maintenance for you with our mop laundering service. You can rely on us to refresh your mops and floor mats each week so you have fresh tools to keep your floors clean. Preventing and removing deicers from your building has never been easier.

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